Phil The Dog Listener

Phil Klein
Certified Dog Listener


Kind Behavioral Training For More Joy With Your Dog 

As a dog owner, I know your dog means the world to you and is a beloved member of your family!  From personal experience, I also know that dog behavioral challenges can be very upsetting.   I became a Dog Listener to help my own dog Abby who was remarkably timid.  And, to help other dog owners eliminate dog behavioral challenges, thereby having the most heartwarming relationships with their dogs.  

Common issues like anxieties, toileting indoors, excessive barking, aggression, jumping, pulling and destructive chewing, etc. are symptoms of an underlying problem.  Most common training approaches are about symptom control.   These approaches do not address the underlying cause. 

With the Dog Listener methodology and my services, I will help you resolve the root cause of your dog’s behavioral challenges and gain the willing cooperation of your dog.  Thus, current issues will be resolved, future issues will be prevented and your dog will behave well on its own much of the time.  So, dog listening yields results that are significantly beyond control of symptoms!  Plus, consider the following:  

  • Dog Listening is based entirely on the nature of the dog.  You learn what makes your dog tick . . why it behaves as it does. You learn to “speak” the same language as your dog, giving you a much better connection with your dog.  And, you will have the knowledge and tools needed to successfully bring new dogs into your home in the future.


  • Resolving all behavioral challenges is a matter of making simple, dog-friendly changes in your interactions with your pooch.  You learn these changes during the Initial Consultation.

  • Dog Listening  is 100% dog-friendly.  Training is based on understanding and respect for your dog.

  • Training is done in your home via Zoom or other popular video App.  Potential conflicts with other dogs and exposure to dogs that may be ill are avoided.  All the people in your pack learn what's needed in your dog's most natural environment.  Plus, training is Covid Virus safe!  

  • You will fulfill the key responsibility of making your dog feel safe and secure in our world.  

I’ve been privileged to help thousands of dog owners since May 2009.  My services include unlimited sessions via video app and never ending support via video app, phone, email and text. I provide all services for one-time affordable fee. Please see my services page for more info.   

To have a delightful life of companionship, which both you and your dog richly deserve, please call me at 860-604-0996.  I welcome calls every day from 9 am to 9 pm.  Calls are always on the house with no strings attached.