Phil The Dog Listener

Phil Klein
Certified Dog Listener


Kind Behavioral Training For More Joy With Your Dog

My path to becoming a Dog Listener started when my family and me rescued a special dog named Abby from Labs4Rescue.  At the time, I had no idea about the journey I would be privileged to take with Abby.  Abby’s behavioral challenges were the motivation for me to learn a lot more about dogs and find a way to help Abby overcome her fears.  In the process, I discovered Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener who had developed a revolutionary method for training dogs based on their instincts.  In April 2009, I attended Jan Fennell’s Foundation and Advanced Canine Communications courses, thereby becoming a Certified Dog Listener.  Through in-home consultations, volunteer work with rescue organizations, and public talks, I have been honored to help over 3000 dog owners and their dogs.