Phil The Dog Listener

Phil Klein

Certified Dog Listener

Kind Behavioral Training For More Joy With Your Dog

From Dennis,  You did a great job training me how to train Mac. He has become a wonderful dog who is my best buddy.

‚ÄčFrom Sheri,  We are happy to give a reference for Phil Klein.  He is wonderful!  We adopted a miniature poodle from a rescue shelter last September.  Roxy is a sweet dog, but because she is so small, we were treating her in ways that made her feel like she was the leader of the pack.  This led to a lot of nervous behavior (scratching at the floor, following us everywhere, not eating) and some aggressive behavior (growling when we came near her food or toys, snapping at us if we tried to lift her off the bed or couch, etc.)

Phil came to see us in January of this year and taught us all the principles of pack leadership and leadership signals.  He was patient, encouraging, and very thorough in the time he spent with us.  We learned a lot and it immediately made a difference with Roxy's behavior.  Our dog had a few health issues over the past six months, so we would call or email Phil often to ask questions about how to handle certain situations with her care and medication.  He was always available and would spend a long time on the phone talking us through our questions and concerns. 

The initial cost was definitely high for us, but well worth it.  Phil's availability for unlimited calls and visits has paid off and made this a cost effective choice for us.  Now the biggest challenge lies not with our dog, but with us.  As long as we follow the leadership signals that Phil taught us, Roxy is wonderful.  If we slack off and go back to our "old ways", she can back slide a little, but it doesn't take us long to get her back on track.  And Phil is always available (at no additional cost) to help us when that happens.  Now we are so happy with her behavior when we follow Phil's teachings, that we are sure not to slack off anymore!!  We have a much happier, more peaceful dog.

I would recommend Phil without reservation!!